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Who was Earth's Best Defender as per Captain America

earth's best defender according to captain america
General Ross is Sickness that comes again and again

In the events of Infinity War, after fight in Scotland Steve Rogers and party arrive at home (The Avengers Facility) to discuss further plan of action. He is already reported by Bruce Banner on flip phone about Thanos arrival, Asgard people slaughtered and Tony Stark leaving Earth behind Doctor Strange on flying Donut.

When they enter the facility, idiot Secretary Ross still wants to have some control over Earth's mightiest people. Captain America is done running now. They were doing the right things staying hidden after the Civil War. He blatantly says:

I am not looking for forgiveness. And I am way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender. So we are here to fight and if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too!

In theatre, we were so done on Ross, everyone was shouting slap this dumb man. Captain should have said something more discouraging his life. That would be so satisfactory.

Captain says that Earth lost her best defender. I always thought he said this about the great Tony Stark who saved Earth multiple times with his bravery and determination. And as he went on spaceship, he might be the one Steve talked about in respect. That there is no more Ironman to protect us.

Tony few years back made the worst mistake making Ultron because he knew something bigger was coming to Earth. There is a slight possibility that Captain America said this about Thor. Because Midgard (Earth) among nine realms was under his protection as he mentioned in Thor movie. When Earth needed him, he was one of the most powerful on the frontline. Banner like he said to Tony: Thor's gone at sanctum, should have informed Captain about Thor.

Just a 5% chance he talked about Thor. It is always Tony for me. He was always ready to sacrifice themselves for Earthlings. What you think:

Earth's Best Defender

  • Tony Stark

  • Thor Odinson

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