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  • Dev Vora

One Mind remembers who Peter Park is after Spiderman: No Way Home

Updated: Jan 3

After the final spell of Doctor Strange in Spiderman: No Way Home, even strange do not know who spiderman really is. There is no one in this Universe who remembers Peter Park. A strong and sad setup for him, where he spent past few years tough to build relationships with people he wants in his life, loved ones knew about his identity. and all gone in a day.

But we do not know if spell works on machines or just living people. Maybe Friday still knows about him. And maybe if Tony Stark has kept his mind alive as AI assistant for Morgan, he still remembers him. And in future movies when Peter is all helpless, his mentor and the one who only remembers him, comes to show a way in the all-unknown circumstances.

As debated by my friend, if Doctor Strange's spell could change reality, he might be removed from machines memory. Because to make him forget, all media evidence that Peter Park is Spiderman had to be removed. It is a debate. Because that evidence was created by people. And Peter would have photos with his loved ones, what of that. He will still have that photos? It would be easy for him then to contact Happy if in need. Maybe Tony Stark's brain is stored somewhere inactive and in future someone activates him. We do not know how spell works on man who is not alive.

There was also one theory on reddit saying Hulk mind is immune to spells in comics, or when he was Banner, he forgot it but not Hulk.

We have no idea what is happening with Starks at all. After Phase 3, there is very little mention of what is going on with them or very little showing about it. They are deliberately not showing about Stark craving people for comeback. Because whatever movie you watch in the first three phases, Stark's massive presence is always felt in the form of him or Stark Industries.

I hope for Tony Stark!

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