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  • Dev Vora

My Views on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Poster

It was beautiful and emotional journey for me. I cared for characters in the end. Started with grief and thing Shuri could not save her brother with all her knowledge. World Politics increasing and in middle of that Ramonda and Dora Milaje show their power of what they can do even if there is no king. Loved the dialogues and drama and events that led to showing up of talocans. Everything was linked very well and nothing felt forced at all.

I was worried how they will show underwater world. Because Marvel is more of science fiction rather than fantasy. What reason they will give for the hidden city and how can humans live beneath? But the plot for them was perfect. In fact in the end I felt for these people caring about their leader when he was about to be killed and what now of this innocent and protected people.

I loved the underwater city was with perfect and unique sound. So many languages but always felt connected, that good. Some sequences are still in my mind because of that perfect edit and great music. Even Namor name has a beautiful meaning behind.

Then the fight started, and as before the third act motivation is given to lead character to keep on and fight. That was expected but this was not motivation but a fire of revenge. Which I enjoyed very much. And a surprise cameo. I thought this will land flat but that too was connected well. Shuri knew what she was up to and she was lost in rage. And she saw her mind talking to her in Ancestral Plane. Then comes strong buildup of Shuri coming to Jabari land and having strong debate with Mbaku. And next was good climax fight, she was to kill Namor at any cost, even her life. But in end she saw her people and people of sea. Compassion filled and her Mama showing the way.

When there was one slow emotional scene going on, I heard people from back saying we don’t want to see this. We want action. That is the problem I guess; people have different expectations with super hero movies. Setting Expectations by movie studio is crucial these days. They want all mega show bombastic fights and see strength and power of a super hero. But it will reach tip and start boring if they keep on doing it.

Riri’s character was good but I don’t think see has to be seen as Iron Man successor. She has own character and would love to see as tech genius but not Iron man successor. Ironman himself has to come back or successor should be legend as tony stark. Not just great, but a legend. And it’s hard to find one. And her role seemed exaggerated. Who makes machines for 3 years when it’s just not possible to do it scientifically. Even for fantasy it looks exaggerated. And her school project being main part of movie did not fit with me.

Maybe they could have said Riri stole it from some warehouse of stark’s and repaired it. Howard stark after finding vibranium which he used in captain america’s shield made a machine to find more vibranium. This would seem more legit. She repaired and made modifications and understood how it was made. So, everyone is after her. One more question how could have she made vibranium detector without having vibranium. This points that she have read Howard Stark’s research on that element. So why not use it.

I liked Shuri’s AI remembering Stark. It appears that she got inspiration from Stark’s Friday or Jarvis🤫 She was all high tech but did not have one until Avengers.

I was really surprised by Valentina. She was wife of Everett Ross which was hysterical, but now picture ahead becomes more clear. She is not trying to be next nick fury but she seems like next General Ross who is trying to make a Public Government Avengers – Thunderbolts to compete with private Avengers. Maybe Thunderbolts will lose a battle or two and world will know the need for Avengers. This is all very funny.

Ramonda was great. Caring for her only child and doing what was right. Take Okoye out of general position felt wrong. But when Ramonda said about her, it felt perfect for her character because she had just lost a child.

And I teared up two times. When Shuri lost most loved one, and they were mourning the dialogues between her and Mbaku were pure gold. I teared up when Mbaku said:

The world has taken too much from you for you to still be considered a child

I just burst into tears. I really loved the wisdom of Mbaku and his men during movie, Three times he told the right thing. First during discussion of Wakandans talking about Namor, that if we do what he wants, he will ask for more. Then is men taking side of Okoye that she is loyal to Wakanda. She left her husband for nation. And to shuri, about killing namor would lead to eternal war. He really guided wakanada and kept his promise he made to Tchalla.

Ryan Coogler: Director of Black Panther 2

The end was very well made. Her walking alone to beach itself gave feeling that she is grown up now and understands life will be biased. Shuri burning the clothes and seeing his brother as memory. And in end when she had overcome everything that happened and was strong now, God/Nature/ Something again gave her gift. Someone to love and care about. Same as Thor Love and Thunder, in end Thor after losing everyone he likes in his life, he got someone. Love. As I said beautiful experience.

Black Panther 1 and 2 cannot be compared at all. First one was complete world building and a simple story. We were introduced to new Vibranium world and were amazed. Next one is more about characters and position of Wakanda in world after Tchalla revealed it to help world. So many times, I think title should be different than Wakanda Forever, maybe. Half story matched with title and half not. It was more about other things than Wakanda itself. And Okoye speaking Wakanda forever in trailer end was never here.

I expected many things by listening to that. Like they are defending the city until the end and it would get more dark. Many will be gone and few will be standing against enemy. Okoye in fugitive mode trying to gather people and help Wakanda, coming in end with help. That expectation was by trailer and title. But movie had already more to focus on lead. And I am happy the character of Shuri from first did not believe in all rituals and believe blindly in what old people said. She was more of a science person finding logic behind everything. Even when she saw ancestral plane, she did not embraced ancestors in the end of movie. This is how it felt. Don’t know for sure.

Here are some of things that would have made movie better for me:

  • More of underwater world

  • More world politics and drama – Status of Wakanda remained same or not? We don’t know because to prevent final emotions escaping they do not show it

  • Get to know more unknown things or areas in Wakanda

  • More high tech weapons – they talk about they are best in world but we have not yet seen their most powerful weapon

  • See the tech that locals of Wakanda use regularly

  • Spear of Okoye. Not liked the new suit very much, but I hardly remember if I saw the new spear

Some points that can be plot holes and I find funny. These points came after much thinking, sign of good movie where you have to think very much to find them like critics:

  • Why Namor gave 7 days to burn Wakanda, he could have come earlier

  • Why just not stop and drain the river. So no entry for water people. Generate water from atmosphere with wakandan tech

  • Why not tell Namor about who really young scientist and how it was just her school project

  • How sea people tracked Shuri and Okoye in city and know their exact place to ambush suddenly

Many people say there was no need for film or Tchalla should be recast. But I guarantee you if recast was done, people will not feel any more about the characters and entire movie would have landed flat. Because the Black Panther was part of MCU since civil war and it would not be justice to emotions they have built. And what is need for any film in general? He dies in real and in movie made stakes even higher and it made people feel about what happens when someone loved goes away in real.

General Movie Rating: 7.8/10

Movie Rating as MCU: 7.5/10

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