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  • Dev Vora

An open letter to so called MCU Fans

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

MCU herds (addressed to people who watch movie someone else's eye, prejudged by negative reviews only) are becoming critics as they expect to see what they have already seen before. To keep up and stay on top of fandom they watch tons of videos of various theories and reviews and all. They don’t care about the taste of the reviewer let alone their personal taste. After seeing a few reviews, (they say the movie is bad. They don’t know if they really want to know how the movie is; they must go through many reviews and check with whom their personal taste was closest.

In the Digital information age, everything spreads very fast. The current scenario is that most big movies will be judged good or bad by how honest it stays in fulfilling the expectations it created months before from trailers/leaks/rumors/news/announcements. This is very wrong. So, trailers must be made very carefully. Back in the old days, expectations were very created from just the title, who is in cast and crew and what was story about with word of mouth and newspapers after it was released.

It is time now when people who watch MCU with their heart have to give reasons why they watch it and why they feel good it is good. Reviewing culture in excess is very wrong. Everything in excess is poison. Due to this atmosphere around MCU movies release dates and critics reviews surfacing online, fans think they have to prove to their own mind that this movie is good. This is going in a bad direction.

Critics themselves don’t know what they want. They want a good movie or a good comic book entertainment. Part of reason is bar of MCU movies was set very high until endgame when people thought what now. But they have to understand for humans to appreciate great they must know what is below great. Ensemble cast with huge movies as civil war and avengers just cannot be made every year. Anyhow even if they did, slowly they will start to bore, and saturation point will come when nothing new can be made. Even the actors playing characters cannot stay forever. Cast like Chris Evans, RDJ or Chris Hemsworth comes once in a lifetime who were meant to play such great characters. People at MCU know that it is not sustainable.

Clearly, they are experimenting and changed the tone of movies to emotional stories that are not just for entertainment. This seems to be a long-term vision.

60% of current MCU fans became hard MCU fans after Infinity War release. Hype made them check entire phases. Now it has become a cliché. Everyone talks about what should be done and keeps comparing with comics. MCU succeeded because they took stories from comics and tried making it more real. That was the reason. Heck even people were not positive about movies before The Avengers. The Avengers was a turning point towards what was coming, and it was such a good movie that suddenly all previous movies showed emotion and entire arcs. People started to feel those characters. And that is exactly what is going on now. The buildup of characters is taking place and one ensemble will justify everything. And mind it, current movies are all deep into emotions, so they are good. They are finding a way to build good movies with great cinema experience. For the last 3 movies whenever I came out people asked how it was, word beautiful always came out of mouth.

Main characters are gone, and side lined. If they keep on showing the main characters, soon their value will be lost. So, taking away and craving people for them is the way to go. When they come and they will, history will be written again.

But bad things are bad. She Hulk for example. The last episode reduced the stakes of entire MCU. And unnecessary things, no drama. I felt like all the hours were wasted. It had a bombastic start but kept on going flat and flat.

Black Panther 2. It even feels real with life. Can superheroes not just simply die. They are humans. And this is story about family of superhero dealing with World when their life’s hero is gone.

Remember these critical points for that movie only came to my mind when I thought hard about them and found what could be better.

Good movies have that sign. You don’t have such point, but you have to think about them and note. Bad movies: You just don’t like, and you have to think and search about what was good and how the time you spent was justifiable for your conscience.

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